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San Francisco Foundation Repair Gurus

Foundation Repair, San Francisco, CA

constructing the basement of the house

Every part of a building is important, but the foundation is arguably the most vital component of any building. A bad foundation is not only costly to fix but can also lead to a complete collapse of the building if repair is not implemented on time. Also equally important are structures related to your foundation like the crawlspace and basement.

This is why you must pay attention to your building foundation and watch out for signs of damage. And when you do notice any of such signs, you should call for professional help immediately.

About Us

We are a team of diligent, skilled, and experienced foundation repair professionals that take on both simple and complex foundation repair projects. Our company is the leading foundation repair contractor in the San Francisco, CA area. Over the years, we have built and sealed our reputation as the top foundation repair experts by delivering quality while working with several clients. Our teams are made up of highly passionate individuals and as a company, we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

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    Our Services

    When you need the services of a trusted foundation repair company in San Francisco, we are the best team for the job. We specialize in fixing various foundation types including piers and beams. We also carry out sump pump installations as well as the repairs, maintenance, and installation of other drainage fixtures. In addition to our foundation services, we also basement and crawl space issues. We are exceptional at what we do and our services are structured to meet the needs of our clients. Our services are affordable and can be customized to your specific needs for the best of results.

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    Piers & Beams

    Piers and beams foundation is one of the oldest foundation types that are still very much in use today. They are quite popular for their effectiveness in protecting your property against flooding and moisture damage. Piers and beam foundations are also effective less likely to be affected by termite infestations and are easy and inexpensive to remodel. Although they tend to be quite durable, piers and beams are not indestructible. They may be affected by moisture problems, poor installation problems, settling, and other common foundation problems. We are experts at handling piers and beams foundation repairs in San Francisco, CA.

    Sumps Pumps

    A sump pump is a vital drainage installation that helps to protect buildings from flooding and water damage. A sump pump helps to drain excess water out of your basement or crawl space. Hence, installing one as part of your home drainage system will help protect your property from structural damage. There are different types of sump pumps each with their specific qualities. You may need professional help finding the right one for your needs. We also offer installation, repairs, and maintenance services to keep your sump pump and other parts of your drainage in good condition.

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    fixing the sump pump of the basement


    Basements are commonly overlooked in most home or serve as storage for unwanted items. But you can do more with your basement by transforming it into a living space, relaxation, or entertainment room. Of course, to maximize your basement you may need a basement remodeling service. You may also have to carry out basement waterproofing and damp proofing to keep the moisture condition of your basement under control.

    Foundation Repair

    Building foundations can be damaged in various ways as a result of different factors. Poor construction practices, inadequate materials, and water are some of the common causes of foundation damage. Foundation issues can have serious negative consequences if left unattended for too long. Fortunately, most foundation faults can be fixed through a variety of techniques including slab lifting, mud lifting, and so on. You must be familiar with signs of foundation issues to look out for and call for professional help as soon as you notice them.

    installing the pumps of the house
    fixing the house beams
    leveling the foundation of the house

    Crawl Spaces

    The crawl space is typically one of the most neglected areas of any home. It is typically moldy, foul-smelling, and free home for pest to make their homes. But neglecting your crawl space can affect the structural integrity of your building, mess up the air quality in your home and drive heating and humidity control costs high. With some efforts and professional help, you can get your crawl space back in good condition.

    Foundational Cracks

    Foundation cracks are the most obvious signs of foundation damage. They are difficult to miss and they can tell you a lot about the condition of your foundation. There are different types of foundation cracks each of which can indicate various foundation problems. When you notice any type of floor crack, wall crack, or even cracked ceilings, you should call for a professional inspection of your property to ascertain the state of your foundation.

    “I bought a very old home and renovated it. However, after a while, I noticed some cracks on the foundation walls and floor. I knew the implications of cracks and I was immediately thrown into panic mode. However, after calling Francisco Foundation Repair Gurus based on a friend’s recommendation they came and helped with the repair without hassle.” – Jessica A.

    “I’m a mother o five unruly boys and I sometimes crave having space to myself in my home. I finally decided to follow online popular advice and create my own “man-cave” by remodeling my basement. I hired San Francisco Foundation Repair Gurus for the job and they helped transform our old storage basement into a relaxing space I can spend some alone-time in.– Rebecca M.

    “I hired San Francisco Foundation Repair Gurus to install a sump pump to help deal with my basement flooding problem. They helped with choosing the right sump and also carried out the installation at an affordable cost. They are indeed exceptional.” – Micheal J.

    Contact Us Today

    Having foundation problems? Get in touch with us for any of our services. You can call to make inquiries about our range of services or to request an inspection. Whether you have noticed signs of foundation damage or you need to have your basement or crawlspaces remodeled and fixed, contact us to schedule any of our services.